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The heat-proof insulation panel, ready-made insulation panel or Sandwich panel is the insulation panel made by using the color-coated iron panels to be made in pairs with the insulator as the PS PU PUR PIR FOAM and ROCK WOOL to be used as the insulator for building the rooms such as fire-proof room, cold room, clean room, processing room, warehouse, office, factory, or even building the houses as the insulation panel is easily installed and cheap.  

Why do we have to choose Fatek?

             Good product
                 Fatek carefully chooses the quality raw materials to make the product have quality and be reliable from customers well.
             Good quality
                Fatek has regular quality inspection team from the raw material receiving process during the production process and check the product before delivery so that the customers are assured that the goods are of good quality.
             Good experiences
                 Fatek is the manufacturer and installer of insulation panels. With over 20 years of experience, we have gained trust from many customers nationwide.
            Good services
               Fatek has the dedicated team of professional engineers and professional installation teams ready to serve the customers fast and friendlily.
            The price is good
                with the good production system and the modern machine. Fatek reduces the loss of production to zero and control the production costs so that the price is definitely cheaper
            Be of standards
                 Fatek is committed to develop the standardized production system that is consistent with every production process until being certified with ISO 9001: 2008.
             Fatek has the warranty
                 for the products and installations to ensure the customers in the installation and confidence in the products.


     -  Surface material : The color-bond material is used which is ZM120 consisting of zinc – aluminum 11% and magnesium 3% making the products have excellent corrosion resistance.
It passes the coating process and high quality paint. The color is not broken with long usage life and durability to receive the Food Grade in compliance with the laws and regulations of US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

-   Insulators There are various types of insulators available to be chosen as appropriate as follows:

  1. Polyurethane or PU Foam
  2. Polystyrene or EPS Foam: The insulator is self-extinguished following the fire safety standards
  3. Polyisocyanurate foam or PIR Foam which is the fire-proof insulator
  4. Rock wool is another fire-proof insulator.

 -  Adhesive glue: Use the Polyurethane to join the iron panels and the insulators passing the process of flattening throughout the panels continually.

 - Panel joining system : The clip lock is used in 2 systems; U-Lock and Z-Lock systems.


The obtained ready-made insulation panels are light-weighed, resist to the pressure and wind very well without being bended of the panels. Therefore, it can help preserving the temperature efficiently. It can prevent the heat to penetrate the building, prevent the coldness to get out, and prevent the humidity in the area with high humidity well.