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Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change
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  • $50
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  • Support at $25/hour
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  • Premium
  • Standard Compliant Channels
  • $100
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Fatek Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and installer of Sandwich Panel or ISO WALL by using the modern machines to produce in the room with proper control of temperature in order that the glue can have the reaction in adhering between the foam and the iron efficiently. Moreover, the quality raw materials are also well selected such as the high quality color-coated iron from NS Blues cope having quality at the international level. It has the strength and durability to the breakage of paint. It can also be rust-proof and can be used with the cold room well. It also has the properties of paint of NONTOXIC or FOOD GRADE.

Fatek is committed to develop the products all the time to make the quality ready-made insulation panels. The company focuses on the quality from the process of raw material selection, manufacturing process, service provision on the installation, after-sale services, and warranty after installation under the policy of


 “being committed to develop the products to be of standards with
the impressive service provision being acceptable by the customers as well as
promoting the personnel and continual development”


Fatek is also certified by the standard of ISO 9001: 2015 to care on the quality in all production processes from the selection of main raw materials such as the color-coated iron of Bluescope to be acceptable with the international standards suitably for the use of walls in the offices,department stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cold rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, sterile rooms, livestock house or rooms in the buildings. 



The properties of Sandwich Panel or the heat-proof insulation panels or ISO WALL can help preserving the temperature, save the energy, light-weighed, resist to the pressure and wind very well. It is strong, convenient, quickly and easily-installed, cheap, easily to be repaired or modified. It is the fire-proof insulation panels, prevent the fire, non-flammable, help absorbing the sound, and reduce the sound well. It is suitable for making the cold room or the temperature-controlled room, clean room, Processing room, warehouse, Roof Panel. It is also assembled as the cold room’s door as well.



Apart from being the producer of Sandwich Panel or ISO WALL or INSULATION PANEL, Fatek also has the service provision of design for cold room, clean room, frozen room, chill room, Processing room, factories, offices, warehouses, or rooms as demanded by the customers together with the service provision of installation by the team of professional and skillful technicians.



Apart from providing the service of installation with professional and skillful technicians, Fatek also has the standards in installing the Sandwich Panel or ISO WALL with the standardized installation system that the customers can be ensured of the strength and safety of the Sandwich Panel or ISO WALL installation.



Installation system

                    For the aluminum system, Fatek has the aluminum system to be selected for using as demanded in 2 patterns:
  1. Anodize is the method to prevent the breakage of aluminum creating the oxide aluminum which is stable AI203. The surface is coated with electricity by using the electrolysis oxide. The aluminum occurring from anodize will have the dull and porous. These porosities will store the color. The anodize will make the aluminum surface resist to the corrosion more and become the insulator.
  2. Coating Paint is to spray the paint to develop and increase the beauty by using the principle of electric charges making the paint of the coated aluminum free from breakage well.