Freeze Room

Freeze Room is the room used for freezing the food. It is the food processing for food preservation by reducing the temperature to below -40 Celsius degrees. The water in the food will change the status to ice. It is the food preservation to maintain the freshness and food quality better than other methods of food preservation. The frozen food products are in various forms and can be used well for nearly every kind of food such as vegetables, fruits, meat or cooking to make the ready-to-eat food such as dim sum, processed chicken products. The freezing can be used together with other methods of food preservation such as pasteurization, concentration, food irradiation, and fermentation to prolong the food storage period.

The factors affecting the rate of heat conduction of food during being frozen consist of:

  1. Heat conduction of food
  2. Area of heat conduction of food
  3. Thickness of food or the distance which the heat to move
  4. Difference between the food temperature and the cooling agent
  5. Boundary film
  6. Heat resistance from the container

Sandwich Panel

  1. The external surface if the color-coated iron of PP Panel SD (NS Bluescope) designed and developed by the experts in producing the coated iron and color-coated iron in the global level. It is suitable for being used with the internal wall, cold room’s wall, cold room, offices, department stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, sterile rooms, livestock house or rooms in the buildings.
  2. There are 4 types of insulators:
        1. Polystyrene Foam (PS)
        2. Polyurethane Foam (PU)
        3. Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
        4. Rockwool
  3. Cleans and safe with GMP and HACCP standards
  4. Help controlling the temperature and prevent the heat to penetrate